Stone architecture is an artistic and beautiful way to complement your home. The handcarved stone designs will add charm to any room as well as a unique element unlike any other. Take a look at four stone architectural elements to enhance your home:

1. Stone Corbel

A stone corbel is an architectural element with timeless beauty. Handcarved from natural stone, the designs range from simplistic to intricate. Stone corbels can be used to support the edge of your roof or balcony with a striking accent. That’s not all you can do with this architectural piece! You can combine corbels with a stone or wood shelf to create a mantel for...

Every fountain is unique and can be found at every price, depending on your budget and style. Check out these eight different stone fountain designs that fit every budget:

Budget: $20-$500

Some of our fountains are as low as $20, and are just as beautiful as the rest! The short triangle bubbling fountain (left) is a simple, yet exquisite, addition to any home or garden. Sometimes, less is more! The large bubbling basalt column fountain is $500 and serves as a unique addition to your garden! It provides a soothing water sound while accenting your landscaping with its rustic design.


Budget: $501-$1,000

The $544 single koi...

Fountains aren't just for your outdoor landscaping, they are an excellent addition to the interior of your home. The variety of styles and unique designs add character to any room in your home. Not only that, but natural stone fountains are extremely durable and can last a lifetime. Learn about three different fountain styles for the interior of your home:

Pedestal Sphere Fountain

A pedestal sphere fountain can add elegance and personality to your home. Although these fountains can be used outdoors, they are equally as beautiful indoors. Similar to the second picture, a different spin on the classic pedestal is the floating sphere....

Are you thinking about incorporating stone architecture in your home? Stone is not only extremely durable, but also highly unique. The intricate design possibilities and architecture makes stone an excellent choice to spruce up your home. Take a look at these five architectural elements for your home:



A corbel is a beautiful architectural element to add to your home. Our handcrafted stone corbels can be used in a number of ways to accent your home. It can be used to accent your garage or to support your roof, balcony, fireplace mantel or shelf edges. Corbels add to your home's decorative pieces for endless artistic...

Stone staircases are a great addition to the interior or exterior of your home. They add a sense of grandeur and elegance. You can choose from a wide variety of stone types for your staircase. Depending on your preferences, your stone staircase can have intricate carved details and additional balustrades. Since stone is a versatile material, it can take any shape. Learn about three different staircase types:  

Outdoor Staircase

An outdoor staircase is great for a grand landscape. It can be used to connect two different levels of a garden or patio. Stone staircases also make for an elegant entrance to your home. You can choose from a...

Thin stone veneer is a simple change that can make a large difference in the appearance of your home. It can be used in all areas of your home to enhance existing architectural elements. 

Thin stone veneer is made from natural stone cut to a consistent thickness. The stone veneer can be made from a variety of stone types, including quartzite, slate, travertine or granite. Each stone type is available in a variety of colors. 

Since the stone is thinly cut, it can be applied like a tile to many surfaces, such as walls, fireplace surrounds or building exteriors. 

Wall Stone

Thin stone veneer can be applied to walls inside or out....

Stone has been used in the architecture of many buildings for centuries. This timeless building material is still a beautiful, durable choice for homes and buildings today. If you are building or remodeling a home, consider adding some stone architectural pieces to the design. Become inspired by some of our favorite stone architecture pieces from around the world. 

Paris Opera House
Paris, France

The beautiful Paris Opera House is a landmark in Paris, France. The building incorporates many unique architectural features including columns, arches, balustrades and carvings. Many of the features are made of marble. Although many...

Stone was a popular building material for centuries. Today, many people still use stone in their building projects because of the beauty and durability of natural stone. Stone architecture is unique and adds an elegant look to any building. Take some architectural inspiration from the famous stone buildings below. 

The White House

Located in Washington D.C., The White House has been the home to every United States leader since the second president, John Adams. Construction on this beautiful building started in 1793 and was completed several years later in 1801. The building is constructed from Aquia sandstone. This type of sandstone...