The sound of bubbling and flowing water creates a relaxing atmosphere in your garden or home. Bubbling fountains are low-pressure fountains that bubble water above or onto the surface of the fountain instead of shooting the water into the air like other fountain styles. 

Each bubbling fountain is unique with its own detailed carvings that come to life when water flows across the surface. These fountains come in many shapes, sizes and styles. View some popular bubbling fountain designs below. 

Bubbling Basalt Column Fountain

This fountain style is one of the most popular bubbling fountains. The different heights of the columns...

Fountains come in all shapes, sizes and colors. One unique fountain design is the floating sphere style fountains. These fountains feature stone spheres that float and move with the water creating a truly mesmerizing display. Below are 5 beautiful sphere fountain designs that we love. 

Marble & Onyx Desktop Fountain

This desktop sized fountain is perfect for your desk at home or in the office. It features a hand-carved marble base and floating onyx sphere. The sound of flowing water creates a relaxing environment wherever you decide to place this unique fountain. Check out the video below to see this fountain in action. 

Now that it is officially spring, it is time to start thinking about your garden and outdoor spaces. Landscaping helps to enhance your home’s curb appeal and make it truly unique. Natural stone landscaping elements can help you to create an outdoor oasis in your own yard. 

Below are a few stone landscaping elements that you can use to enhance your outdoor space. Consider adding one or all of these elements to your yard. 

1. Stone Benches

A stone bench tucked into your garden makes for a relaxing place to take a seat. Unlike wooden benches, granite benches are durable and will last for centuries. 

Stone benches come in a wide...

Bronze is a unique material. The level of detail that can be achieved using bronze is truly remarkable. (Our sculptors use lost wax casting methods by starting the process with clay models which allows them to capture hair, cloth, fur, feathers, scales, and other textures with incredible realism.)  

Bronze is beautiful, distinguishable and durable; perfect for an outdoor setting. This material features many qualities that allow the pieces to last for centuries. 

Below are a few beautiful bronze sculpture designs you will be sure to love:

Standing Bear

This bear statue is the perfect conversation piece. The statue features...

Large estate fountains are beautiful and make a grand statement in a home, but sometimes your space doesn’t allow for such a large fountain. Just because you are tight on space, doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful stone fountain. Below are some fountains that work great in smaller spaces inside and out. 

Wall Fountains

Wall fountains work great in small spaces because they sit flush up against a wall and out of the way. Depending on the style of wall fountain you choose they can work inside and outside too. Below are two beautiful wall fountain designs that prove that a fountain can still make a great statement in a...

Over the years, people have debated over using cast stone or natural stone for their outdoor decorations, specifically fountains. Although each has their advantages, we believe that the cons of using cast stone far outweigh the few advantages. In fact, many of the advantages of using cast stone can also be achieved using natural granite. 

First, what is cast stone? Cast stone is a man-made material from cement. Pigments and crushed stone are molded into a form to make it look like a natural stone fountain (or any other shape you desire). 

Natural stone is any stone that is found naturally in the earth; such as, granite. It is...

While you could make a cast concrete fountain look like a natural stone fountain, it will never match the durability of a granite (or other natural stone) fountain. Fountains made of cast concrete, especially those in cold weather, will eventually crack and crumble. Don’t take the risk of your fountain investment deteriorating quickly, choose a natural stone fountain. 

Now you know you should purchase a true natural stone fountain for the best result, but which stone type is for you: marble or granite? Keep reading this article for some facts on marble vs. granite fountains.

Marble Fountains

Many famous fountains around the...

Follow us beginning to end on this wonderful fountain installation project. In this article we will highlight the steps involved in installing a large basalt column fountain; from the very beginning planning stages all the way to the final product.

These homeowners knew they wanted to make a statement in front of their home. Here is the before shot of the empty area where the fountain will be installed.

The homeowners wanted to see what the fountain would look like in front of their home. Carved Stone Creations was able to create a Photoshop rendering of this fountain in front of their home. This is what it looked like: