Your Custom Stone Design Experts

We understand you want to be unique and original, not locked within the confines of a catalog. If you know what you want, but can’t find it anywhere; let us help you to create your vision in stone! Designed using advanced 3D modeling software, our natural stone carvings are designed from the ground up to make installation as efficient as possible.

  • Natural Stone Fireplace Design
  • Custom Interior Architectural Columns
  • Outdoor Stone Fireplaces
  • Custom Garden Statuary Fountains
  • Large Indoor Water Fountains
  • Custom Bronze Wildlife Sculptures
  • Custom Designs by Carved Stone Creations

Here at Carved Stone Creations, custom stonework is our specialty. From a single waterjet-cut marble floor medallion to an entire natural stone veneer exterior complete with carved architectural stone detailing, we can do it all for you.

If you are considering custom carved stone you may already be aware of these benefits:

  • Unique one-of-a-kind product customized to your specifications.
  • With natural stone you will never see an exactly identical piece anywhere, although some design similarities may exist.
  • You are not confined to “catalog shopping” from pre-determined size, color, and design combinations.
  • Your stone is hand-carved by talented and skilled artisans from around the world.
  • Same relative cost as an in-stock item. Since there are no molds used with natural stone, the cost is no more for one piece than having to order several pieces.
  • Your custom designs are produced in-house by our talented team of designers and approved by you before production.
  • Complicated projects are designed and pre-assembled using advanced 3D computer modeling technology.
  • We handle all communications and coordinate the production and shipping from several overseas factories to make your custom experience as simple and stress-free as possible.
  • Based on your preference, we can work directly with the architect, contractor, designer, or owner to keep the project efficiently moving from design through installation.

Now take a moment to let us know how we can assist you with all your unique natural stone needs.