Dear Rob,

Kris and I felt that we should write you a note to thank you and your team at Carved Stone Creations for the marvelous job you folks did on turning our house into our castle. Before we found you, we didn't think it would be possible to create the dream we had about what we wanted our home to look like.

Your expertise in what types of stone were available and in how to get that stone carved and installed was awesome. The more we worked with you and Wes, the more things we found that we could actually do. The drawings that you would make up gave us plenty of ideas and the way that the stone was actually carved was amazing.

We would never have thought that we could get our stone mantel of our fireplace carved with extremely realistic representations of a Medieval Joust and even Kris herself on her horse! The time it took to get the stone and get it carved was always shorter than one would have thought, so the production schedule was always on time.

Also, no matter how intricate and complicated the stone pieces might be, the installation always fit and always was done very first class.

We would highly recommend Carved Stone Creations to anyone who is looking to make their home more distinctive and wants to create a lasting masterpiece.

- Terry & Kris (Click HERE for more information on this project)


The vessel arrived yesterday and I opened the box today. It arrived in perfect shape and is beautiful!

I want to thank you and everyone at Creative Stone for your continual care and attention. This was a difficult thing to accomplish but you did it! I’m very happy, and will send photos once it is installed — after I’m traveling for this next week, best,

- Patricia

"On behalf of the entire parish and personally, I wish to thank you for all the services you and your company brought to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton over the past months. The new baptistry is all that we could have hoped for! The dreams and hopes that went into the planning of these projects were accomplished within schedule and are of high quality.

- Fr. Paul Demuth

Custom Stone Immersion Baptistry

"Our project with Carved Stone Creations went beyond our expectations. Their passion and knowledge of stone is unsurpassed in the industry and it is reflected in the level of detail in our home. When it comes to designing with stone, they should be your only choice."

- Pamela & Tom W.

"Thanks for a spectacular job. I can't imagine how much different the house would look without Carved Stone Creations being part of it. Thanks to your whole team for much hard work. Best Regards"

- Ray & Sarah

"I love the fountain, I got home late last night, the lights and water were spectacular! I will call you in the next few days. How often do I add chlorine? Again, thanks for everything, I am enjoying this, it really adds to the house."

- Louie C.

"100% Quality - Professional work and professional help & guidance all the way through the process."

- Bill R.

"We appreciate the time you spent taking our ideas and meshing them with your products and sources, as well as the design concepts you prepared which skillfully brought our ideas into reality. Our home has many unique and beautiful aspects, all achieved with your help. The concern and dedication that you and your staff showed to us was wonderful."

- Dennis G.

"We have been extremely pleased with all we ordered from you! If you ever need to have a prospective customer call, feel free to give them my number..."

- Keith S.